Boston City EM



The RUSH exam

Zaid Altawil, M.D.

Fascia Iliaca Block- Cheat Sheet

Zaid Altawil, M.D.

MSK Review: Ultrasound of the Knee

Sean Schowalter, M.D.

Go for the WIN!

Wire-In-Needle (WIN) technique for ultrasound-guided central venous catheterization: advancing CVC placement safety, speed, and success with real-time ultrasound guidance.

Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms- Silent but deadly

Zaid Altawil, M.D.

When Veggies are BAD for you

Joseph Benedict, M.D.

Oh, My Aching Aorta

Adam Weightman, MD, MBA

SOB with clear lungs: POCUS for the win!

Joe Benedict MD, MPH

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